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Math and science concepts at an elementary level  from Kindergarten to grade 8

high School

Math and science at a secondary level from grades 9 to 12.

Post Secondary

Math and science at a post secondary level from first to second year college/university.


Fostering growth for the future and community

Our team shares a passion for education and community development. Our goal is to help students achieve success and fulfillment in their studies while fostering a community driven mindset.

Math Formulas and a Calculator


You volunteer, we volunteer

At 3G, we don’t want to put a price on learning, but believe that students should take ownership for their own education. As such we offer two (2) options for payment.

Payment Method #1:

Volunteer Hours​

  • To promote community growth, we will accept volunteer service within the community on a

“hour for hour” basis. Students who wish to explore this option may volunteer their time

at affiliated organizations within fourteen (14) days of the sessions. 

  • Volunteer service will be tracked via the Volunteer Hour Acknowledgement Form button below

and require sign-off/acknowledgement from the organization. 


Payment Method #2:


  • Sessions will be a minimum of one (1) hour with extensions provided at no charge provided

scheduling permits. We reserve the right to end the session after one (1) hour. 


* Group sessions are available, inquire within.

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3G began as a way to tailor tutoring and education services to community growth. Our team believes that education is a right and that all individuals should have access to learn.

Through previous experience, we have found success with students who show initiative and take ownership for their own education. We strive to enhance this mentality by creating a community buy-in attitude.


Teacher and Student
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